Monday, January 9, 2012

thanks 4 everything.. ~

0in the name of Allah.. The most Gracious and Glorious..

thank you Allah,
create me and this universe,
thank you Allah, 
give me chances alive in this world,
thank you Allah, 
give me great life here.

thank you mom and dad, 
love and care about me,
teach and remind me,
always be by my side..

thanks to all my friends,
kind and friendly,
patient and caring,
responsible and funny,
sometimes make me laugh and sad,
sometimes make me lonely,
and sometimes make me bored.. 
by the way, u are great friends..

thanks to someone that....
always care about me.. 
always wondering about me..
always help me.. 
smiling at me..even sometimes u make me curious
to know about something,,but u hide it from me..
it's ok.. i'm understand..and i'm never force u..
to tell about it.. and i'll never ask about it anymore.
thank you 4 everything that u have done to me.. 
thank you 4 everything that u remind me...
thank you 4 everything that u teach me...
thanks because u bring me to know your family..

lastly.. thanks to all of u guys.. 
may Allah bless u...
life is is everything... life is life.. 
thank you..
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